Cayucos Surf Kids

Cayucos Surf Company loves creating gear for all our Cayucos Surf Kids.  There will always be a new logo to collect.  Get what you need online or come into the store on your way to the beach.

Welcome to Cayucos Surf Company, where the waves are gnarly and the beach clothes are even gnarlier! We're stoked to have you here, dude!


Now, let's talk about our gear. We've got the freshest kids beach clothes around, guaranteed to make your little groms the envy of the sand. From stylish swimsuits to comfy cover-ups, we've got it all. And don't worry, parents, our clothes are made to withstand even the gnarliest wipeouts.

But we're not just about clothes. We've also got some seriously rad accessories to complete your beachy look. Need a new Cayucos sticker for your board? We've got you covered. Want to light up the night with an LED SLINGSHOT HELICOPTER? We've got those too!

So, whether you're a seasoned surfer or just a beach lover, Cayucos Surf Company is the place to be. Join us in riding the waves, protecting the ocean, and looking totally rad while doing it. Cowabunga, dudes!