Come visit our Store and pick up a New Board

Visit our store to acquire one of the boards listed, or conveniently drop off your board for consignment. Feel free to give us a call for additional details!

Infinity 7'7" Short Board - 490$

A classic thruster set up in the tail allows for excellent drive in some larger swell. Coupled with the seer volume and width, this board is a steady wave magnet out in the line-up. 7'7" 22L 3"

Used Foam Fish - 225$

This well surfed board is perfect for kids learning the sport of surfing. Super maneuverable on the waves with excellent paddle power to make caching waves easy. Come visit us in store and check out this awesome board.

Walden Magic 9'0" Long Board - 750$

This classical shaped long board is perfect for the summer months on the Central Coast. Three fin single stringer setup allows for smooth transitions and a great flow across the wave. 9'0" 19 3/8" 22 1/2" 14 3/8" 2 3/4".

Ink Well 5'10" Short Board - 125$

A perfect short board for the wide variety of conditions the central coasts offers. This board is a classic thruster set up with a nice long body for speed. 5'10" 18" 2 1/5"

Meyerhoffer Lemon Drop Short Board - 595$

This board is the perfect blend between a short board and a mid-length. It always for excellent paddling power with its 43 liters of Volume. Combined with its its short board body and round nose means a lot of fun every time you paddle out. 6'8" 21.2" 2.75"

Hoyte 8'6" Long Board - 300$

This timeless, classically shaped longboard is an ideal choice for summer surfing on the Central Coast. Its single fin design enables smooth transitions and a delightful flow along the waves. 8'6" 21.5" Quad Stringer

Midget Smith 5'9" Short Board - 150$

Built with a unique thruster setup of 2 glassed on fins and a screw-on center fin. This board offers nothing short of a wide variety. Come pick it up in store today!!! 5'9" 13-19-15

Dakine Blue 6'10" Mid-length - 350$

This throw back board is a staple of the old school surf culture. Perfect for all type of surf as the versatility of a mid-length is unmatched. 6'10" 20 1/2" 2 5/6"